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BigVEncoder Live Streaming

Multimedia e video
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BEFORE TRYING THIS PAID VERSION, LOOK FOR THE TRIAL VERSION AND GIVE IT A TRYThe new hybrid encoder, recently introducefd in BigVEncoder, provides perfect control over frame rates and also improved keyframe generation. You can also choose to scale the video that streams live from the camera. You can now select almost any resolution you desire from 128x96 and as much as 1920x1080 while streaming live. The hybrid encoder is still experimental but is working perfectly on those devices that it is compatible with. There is a configuration program that will run when you first start up which will automate the configuration of the encoder for you.
If your Android supports H264 hardware encoding with its camera, then you can do live video streaming.
BigVEncoder works with many online media servers including YouTube Live, Wowza Media Server, Adobe Flash Media Server, Red5 Media Server, and others. You can also stream live audio from your microphone to any Icecast server.
You can mix and match video and audio sources. Pull the video from one source and the audio from another. Pull the video from a file and add narration from your microphone. Or shoot fresh video with your camera and add music from an audio file.
Streaming protocols supported include RTMP, MPEGTS, RTP, and others. Many video and audio formats are supported including H264, MPEG4, VP8, Theora, AAC, MP2, MP3, and others.
Use BigVEncoder to convert existing files to other formats. Take your 3gp or mp4 files created by the Android's camera app and convert them to Flash video or any one of several other formats.
Use BigVEncoder to create ringtones. You can create MP3 files for your MP3 player. Just pull the audio from whatever source you would like and save the output to a file on your device.
Do live interviews from your Android. No more equipment to lug around for your live internet video and audio broadcasts.
BigVEncoder has been highly optimized to work efficiently with your Android camera and microphone. You can stream live quality video and audio in realtime.
To get started, hit the Overview button after BigVEncoder first loads up. You'll find some information to help get familiar with the user interface and various aspects of its use. Also, from any screen, just hit the Menu button to find help for that screen. Documentation is always right at your fingertip.
To stream live video or audio, you will need access to a media server on the internet or within a local network running any one of several popular media server applications. BigVEncoder can also stream live to services such as,,, and others.
Even though BigVEncoder is intended for live streaming, it has many more uses. Discover all that BigVEncoder can do. For more info, visit our website at